3 Wedding Essentials Not to Forget When Planning the Party

Planning the party that goes along with a wedding isn't easy. There are so many things to remember and forgetting something essential could throw off the entire party. Here's a look at three things you must not forget when planning the party and a few other things you want to be aware of, as well.


The bridal party needs to be able to get to the reception. You don't want to leave them stranded at the church or the wedding venue. Make sure you have arranged the proper transportation for the bridal party to arrive at the reception.

In addition, you want to make sure the bridal party has transportation to their hotel, especially for the bride and groom. While some of the bridal party may have made plans to use their own vehicles, the bride and groom should certainly have special transportation to arrive at the hotel or wherever they are staying.

Jacksonville Wedding Planning - Make sure you have transportation for bride and groom!


One of the biggest things that get forgotten in the budget for the wedding reception is the tip. It can be easily overlooked and you want to make sure you include 19 to 22 percent of the bill for gratuity.

If you don't budget for the tip, you may find yourself short on cash. It could even be a good idea to make sure you budget a little extra just in case.

The Do-Not-Play List for the DJ

If you've hired a DJ for the event, you want to make sure you don't forget the Do-Not-Play list. This list is very important as one bad song can ruin the entire night for the bride and groom. Maybe they are very religious and don't want to hear a rap song with bad language in it. If this type of song were played, it could kill the entire vibe of the night.

As important as a playlist is, you should have a do-not-play list, too. Include every song you can come up with or entire genres of music if you simply cannot stand a certain type of music. Get this to the DJ well before the big night to ensure you'll only hear music you want to hear at your wedding.

A few other things you want to make sure you don't forget include:

  • Table Decorations

  • Table Cloths

  • Chair Covers

  • A Cake Table

  • Favors

  • Table Plans

  • A Gift Table

  • Centerpieces

  • Vendor Meals

  • Yourself in the Guest Count for the Catering Order

  • Overtime for Vendors

  • Food allergies and Dietary restrictions

Weddings are huge events and it's inevitable that something will get forgotten. However, if you cover the major things and something small gets forgotten, it's much easier to deal with than forgetting to arrange transportation or something big.

Make sure you use this list to help keep you on track and do your very best to ensure you plan the best wedding party. Double and triple check your list of things you need to ensure you don't forget anything big and important.